when zinni & nari went on dancing 9 together <3

Q: I'm waiting for our girls comeback too, but I think that Big Hit is focusing on BTS the most right now and they're more important for them... I like BTS but I miss Glam more. ;; -Anonymous

yeah, ofc they are! they’re doing so much better than glam and making more money so :’(( glam deserves to be treated better but what can we do.

[GLAM] 글래미 왔다!♥

두둥 그녀들이 왔다……♥하지만 지연이는 시골에 가서…같이 못찍었어요 ㅠㅠ 다음에 함께해용! 케잌 넘넘 감사드려요 너무 이뻐요 하지만 아까워서 못먹겠어요 우아앙 ~♥♥컴백이 늦어지는 글래미들을 기다려주고 사랑해줘서 고마워요 여러분 2주년 모두 축하해줘서 고맙고 진짜 다들 넘 보고싶어요~♥♥♥♥♥♥

Q: hello! as a new fan of glam, I was wondering if you could recommend some glam blogs that are must-follows? n _ n -arreumdawoes

hey! omg, i’m glad that you’ve become a new fan; however, there aren’t really any active glam blogs right now ;; it sucks, but then again they haven’t had a comeback for a while. i’m assuming that the few existing glam blogs will wake up or some new ones will be made when they do? you should definitely follow glamfromthemars for updates and all that. girls-with-ambition and 5glam are two great graphic blogs but they’ve been unactive…you can still look at the older stuff they made though!  


yall are some neato ass people, so thanks for making my dashboard so…..neat.. { favorites for tumblog lee-qri, qrikingdom, & that one funsies blog ebony & i run }

favorites based on content

-spica • 5tintgirls • ahlures • bestiethings • femaleidols • girls-with-ambition • gongminjis • hyeyeons • l-u-n-e misshyuna • rain-nous • wooriss • zimis •  zinmi

favorite graphic makers

bf5kara • brandinator • dalsyabet • dasoms • domino-fx • girl-groups • pilsuks • pinkeupandas •  sailorseo • stopsojin • therunningdevil


aoamedia • fiestarsix • fydalshabet • fuckyeahsohyun

fashion/style blogs

favekfashion hityourstyle pinkeustyle 

& my homies

brandinator • dasoms • halcalism • hom2 • indian-dimples • jesus-san • onimonkii • starlightvoodoo

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♡ HYEYEONS’S FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER ♡ so in the last month or so, i’ve gained a lot of followers (and wow, i love you all) and passed 1k posts, and although i haven’t hit a “major” follower milestone or anything, i wanted to do a little something and this is what i chose to do! i genuinely love every single one of my followers and every single blog i follow and y’all mean so much to me, but these are some of my favorite blogs that make my dashboard a better place to be, i guess! 

fyeahs/graphic blogs:
femaleidols ♡ femaleidol ♡ dalsyabetbestiethingsfyeahafterschool-spicafy-kimyerimticket1wayfygayoonfyeahkikomizuhara ♡ cuteyahooanswers ♡ itsgirlsday ♡ fygsd 
 fyleesunmi ♡ fybestie ♡ kmixes ♡ pinkeupandas ♡ fyakmu ♡ mollayos ♡ fy-t-ara ♡ energetic ♡ apinkeu ♡ witnessthewonder ♡ bf5kara ♡ zimis ♡ t-eautiful ♡ fuckyeah-fx ♡ girlgroups ♡ justhara ♡ beautifulgeneration ♡ ahnso 

giyeukstopsojinkolarou ♡ aegyu ♡ saranghaeyos ♡ sonnaeuns ♡ jaekyung ♡ jaekyng ♡ meowsica ♡ wyskers ♡ deuli ♡ jeminis ♡ sogoodbye ♡ sehuo ♡ lastscapes ♡ ahlures ♡ sullic ♡ pilsuks ♡ ireseul ♡ sunkyus ♡ cnorong ♡ sunminion ♡ faintglows ♡ hayounges ♡ shinsadong ♡ s1cas ♡ monoka ♡ seoftie ♡ yeonnies ♡ sovvons ♡ choisulli choijinri ♡ leejieun ♡ superjethoes ♡ jjsica ♡ kyuhyun ♡ amphitrites ♡ ixue ♡ seulense ♡ jung-yujis ♡

Q: I love your gifs and your edits. Thank you so much for making this blog! I love GLAM. ;) They deserve so much more recognition than they get. Dx -kawaii-katsumi

thanks, we’re glad you like everything :D hopefully we can be more active soon again for you all, but it would help a lot if glam would start being more active too ofc. and yes, we totally agree.